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These terms for privacy covers all personal data visitors / users / members collects OPENMIND, during a visit to and use of
services and pages of the website open-mind.gr. Also, these terms cover the collection conditions, treatment and
management of personal data of visitors / users / members of the website to any associates with it. These terms do not cover
in any case the relation between visitors / users / members of the site and any services not subject to review and / or
ownership of the site. Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under any circumstances, including case of negligence,
the OPENMIND not responsible for any damage suffered by the visitor / user pages, services, options and content of website.
By entering the site the user is presumed that he is aware of the terms herein and accepts these terms and waives any claim
from any damage occur during navigation During the site open-mind.gr.
To open-mind.gr collects personal data a) when the visitor / user subscribes to the services b) when using the products and /
or services and c) when visiting the pages and / or enters on promotional / advertising programs. During recording of the
visitor / user in the open-mind.gr information requested is as follows: Name, Last Name, Company, Phone, Email mail (e-mail).
Also during the registration process offered the informative shipping option bulletin (newsletter) from open-mind.gr the email
account user / member and A list of options of interest to the user / member in order to send information / advertising
electronic mail (e-mails). The open-mind.gr uses the personal data of visitors / users / States for three general purposes: the
information support of clients / users and selection of content offered by them to be consistent with their general satisfaction
preferences of the requirements of customers / users on services and products available from and through open-mind.gr
informing them about new services and product offerings.
The open-mind.gr entitles users / members to delete their personal data, correct and / or update their personal data and / or
inactivate their registration at any time, with a simple visit to the relevant department of open-mind.gr.
Open-mind.gr gives the right users / members to delete their personal data, correct and / or update their personal data and /
or inactivate their registration at any time time, with a simple visit to the relevant department of open-mind.gr. Disbursement and
Privacy Disclosure The OPENMIND undertakes not to sell, rent at any publication mode and / or disclosure of personal
information of visitors / users / members open-mind.gr to any third party. it open-mind.gr can release personal data of visitors /
users / members in third legally and / and natural persons only if: Is the express consent of the visitors / users / members for
passing personal data. The channeling of personal data to legal and / or individuals who cooperate with open-mind.gr
becomes necessary to implement the wishes and / or orders of users / members. The legal and individuals who cooperate
with open-mind.gr have the right to process the personal data users / members open-mind.gr testify to it only to the extent
strictly necessary to provide support to the open-mind.gr.
The OPENMIND committed to always act in compliance with for the Law and the requirements of the competent authorities.
The open-mind.gr may use cookies to identify visitors / users of certain services and pages open-mind.gr. The cookies are
small text files stored on the hard disk visitor / user and no knowledge of any document or file from his computer. Used only to
facilitate the visitor / user to specific services open-mind.gr and for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which
the services of open-mind.gr useful or popular or for marketing. The visitor / user can open-mind.gr configure the server
(browser) in such a way as to warn him about the use of cookies in specific services open-mind.gr, either to prevent the
acceptance of cookies in any case. If the visitor / user of particular services and pages open-mind.gr not to accept cookies,
can not have further access to services them.
To grant the visitor / email user access to specific services open-mind.gr, requested the following information: Name,
Surname, Date of Birth, Occupation, Gender, Email address (e-mail). The information is not disclosed to third parties except
specified exceptions in this contract and the holder of the email address must be preserve the secrecy of the password to it
and not to disclose it to third parties. the open- mind.gr does not control the content of electronic messages sent to and from
visitors / Users through supplied by open-mind.gr email. Open-mind.gr reserves file these emails and can send informational
and economic messages to holders of e-mail addresses unless they do not want this. The respective using the email address
of the holder shall be accompanied by information notes in Information about protection of data sent or received, and deal with
any problems.
For registration of the visitor / user to mailing lists (mailing lists) Prospectuses (newsletters) of open-mind.gr requested the
following information: E-mail (e-mail). the open- mind.gr can keep a record of the email addresses to send other financial or
informative messages beyond the Newsletters unless the recipient expressly stated that wants that.
The open-mind.gr contains links ("links") to other websites which are not controlled by itself but by third parties (natural or
legal). In no circumstances responsible for open-mind.gr Terms Privacy policies of visitors / users which these bodies follow.
VOTING For the participation of the visitor / user in a vote conducted by open-mind.gr not required personal information. The
vote of the visitor / user is used only to draw conclusions relative to the position of public opinion on a certain issue. Votes
and results copyright OPENMIND GROUP LTD. APPLICABLE LAW The management and protection of personal data of the
visitor / user open-mind.gr service subject to the terms of this section and the relevant provisions of Greek law (Law.
2472/1997) to protect the individual and the protection of personal data as supplemented by the decisions of the President of
the Privacy Commission, the P. D. 207/1998 and 79/2000 and Article 8 of Law. 2819/2000 as the Law 2774/1999 and
European law (instructions 95/46 / EC and 97/66 / EC). These terms are given the rapid development of technology and
particularly the Internet and existing - though not fully developed - mesh legal regulations on these issues. In this context, any
future changes will subject to this section. In any case open-mind.gr reserves the right to change the terms of protection of
personal data on information of visitors / users and within the existing or future legal framework. If a visitor / user does not
agree with the requirements for protection personal data provided herein should not use the services of open-mind.gr Terms of
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Modification of the Website and these Terms of Use
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