The Group

The Openmind Group is a group of companies operating in a wide range of services and supplies since 2000.
The Group has established a number of strategic alliances with major international and domestic companies.
The Openmind group holds leading positions in the areas where it operates.

Openmind group
Complete Advertising services, specialized business consulting and insurance services, financial services and projects integrated construction solutions.
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Openmind Consulting

Experienced people, ability to work in an international environment, commitment to results, flexibility, excellence in project management and personal service are just few of our basic assets.
We have extensive experience in supporting the EU and other funding agencies, at the management of complex and multi-disciplinary Technical Assistance projects.
Some of our major clients are Eurobank EFG, Probank, Lamia Bank, Euroconsultants  ext.

ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures our  top quality work.
Openmind Advertising
(member of the CIA Medianetwork Hellas | Official Google Partner)
The most famous advertising agency of Western Greece with Branches in Athens and Patras.
Specialized Creative Design, Web Design, Media Buying and planning services ( Local, national and intenet), Branding Products, Publicity and public relations and production of promotional materials and Web advertising are some of our services. Openmind Adv. as
Official Google Partner
(Registry N/B: 8364054449) specialized in
Internet Advertising
for 9 countries.
ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures our  top quality services.

εξοικονομηση ενεργειασ
Openenergy Hellas

OpenEnergy Hellas, a subsidiary of Openmind Group, is a dynamic and growing commercial and engineering company, engaged in the energy production and energy saving.
Specializes in the design, marketing and installation of
Photovoltaic systems
and renewable energy machinery,  in the supply and installation of heat pumps, as well as certified design and installation of thermal insulation systems.

ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures top quality work and products for professionals and individuals.

Get bus advertising  in many cities in Greece with a single bus advertising company.

For businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations interested in city bus advertising or bus stop advertising, municipal public bus advertising rental space, by a local and national
bus advertising
agency, is a great way to reach the general public.
bus ads
Openenergy Biogas

The new group company, 100%  subsidiary  of Openmind group, founded in June 2013 in order to create Biogas from agricultural raw materials in Greece.
The company  already obtained a license for establishment and approval of electricity derived from agricultural biomass.

The most green and innovative investment of the Openmind group that aspires to lead in green energy developments in Europe.
mobile map

OpenCity company constitutes the vehicle for entering the Openmind group into the online market for interactive applications using online maps. OpenCity launches for the first time in Greece the web application | The City OnLine for computers, tablets and mobile phones. The platform, as result of research and development of the Openmind group, enables companies, that provide products or services for the everyday life and the "welfare" of the residents or the city's visitors, to post their message or offer on the maps of Google, and at the same time, users can view it Online - in real time, simply by opening the application on their mobile, or their tablet or computer.
The Project City aspires starting pilot from Greece to spread to major cities worldwide.
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